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Let me help you take your brand further than just your logo. I like you am invested in your company’s success. Let’s work together on creating a solution that works best for your company.

Let’s talk about communication. This not only helps you talk to people about your company, but it helps with a good workflow. When you work with me we will have a transparent line of communication. Communication goes both ways and together we can take your brand to the next level.

Karissa Place Design

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I am an Ohio-based designer with a love for popsicles, DIY projects, and plants. I am here to help make your life easier, one design at a time.

Growing up in the small town of Van Wert, Ohio made me appreciate the community and local businesses' values. Living in a small town does not stop my big personality. My constant involvement within different organizations allows me to improve my skills and myself. My inspirations are in interior design, nutrition, social media campaigns, blogging, children organizations, and music. I express my love for interior design through my own personal blog called Keeping It KP. Do you think we sound like a fit?


“Every Great design starts with an Even better Story.”

Lorinda Marrio


KPD Kreates

It’s fun to create, just to create. This allows me to try new styles, techniques and keep my mind creative. You can stay tuned in to all things KPD Kreates on social media and email. You can also head over to the KPD Kreates page.



Feel like we could be a fit? Want to chat about design? Or maybe you just want a quote. Send me a message and we can chat over coffee!

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